Kristen Joy Emack Photography | Families



family of 5 holding balloons, wearing hats and standing close together in front of pink brick wall in winter. Mother and her 3 preteen aged children tickling each other on a hammock. black and white image of a family of 4 standing inside the Cambridge Public Library but shot from outside the glass windows. Married lesbian couple holding their blonde daughter between them laughing. One mother is pregnant, the other wears a t shirt that says " I love my pregnant wife". Tall man and his wife hold infant daughter outside next to flowering bushes. close up of pink haired mother and her blonde son in a daisy field. the shadows of a family on the ground in a playground. close up of a blond woman's face and her children are reflected in her ray Ban sunglasses. Family of 4 squatting down inside the glass door of their living room. Yellow light and the reflection of house next door reflect on the glass. Six cousins in matching green and red striped Christmas pajamas  sit on a brown leather couch smiling. Modern mother and son stand in front of spray painted letters that read " you are enough". Mother and father and daughter laying on the ground where they drew chalk angel wings. Family of 4 stand besides a pond in the woods in autumn in green, black and blue jackets. Husband and wife and their two teenagers stand in a field covered with yellow flowers with their arms around each other. Husband and wife and two young children sit on brick sidewalk in front of green wooden fence. black and white of extended family next to the doors of a Harvard building with bug sculptures on the doors. family of 5 stand in the tall autumn grasses at Fresh Pond in Cambridge with their 2 dogs at their feet. Family of 4 sit at outside table number 28 at Tatte Cafe in the fall. Haitian family of 5 stand in front of stone wall. Mother looks at middle daughter smiling. husband leans his head tenderly toward his wife. Two blonde daughters stand i front of them in a playground near pine trees. father and mother walk holding hands with their two young sons on a dirt path at Fresh Pond Park in cambridge. Extended family stands together on the beach in Chaffinch Park in Guilford, CT.1`