Kristen Joy Emack Photography | Children


8 year old blonde girl with a crown of flowers on her head in a garden Blonde haired girl with long hair on the beach laughing. close up of young brown haired girl with her eyes closed and head against the bark of a tree blonde boy holds green bracelet up to his blue eye in front of orange wall brown eyed boy peeks out behind curtain wearing a hat black and white image of teenage girl holding her small white dog in the tall grass teenage boy  with brown hair stands behind autumn tree branches blue eyed toddler holds door knob of white door next to white wall black and white of 10 year old brown haired girl holding a hula hoop in garden close up of blonde girl in green slide brown haired toddler standing up in crib. The name BEN is on the wall behind him. 10 year old girl in white sweater leans up against a red wall and is wearing a wolf hat. two young toddlers stand on a peir looking out on the Charles River blonde girl in pig tails winks while looking through a circle made of wire boy holds a circle shaped piece of glass and stands sideways against wooden wall. brown eyed girl stands underneath a rainbow colored umbrella. little girl in white summer shirt peeks out between her parents legs. twin 8 year old boys stand with arms around each other next to a moss covered tree. dark skinned teenage girl in yellow shawl holds onto a young autumn tree. black and white image of young bi racial girl in a one piece bathing suit standing on rocks with her eyes closed on the beach called hammonasset. little Korean girl curled up inside the top of a green slide. 14 cousins wearing blue and white clothes standing side by side in front of wooden door in Boston's North End. toddler girl in red shirt crawls on ground at Fresh Pond in Cambridge, Ma. close up of a girls hands and legs holding flowers. close up of teenage boy's face toddler boy on grass looking up and smiling in his mother's sunglasses. little girl in polka dot dress and red leggings sits in white chair in a garden holding a daisy. Preteen girl in yellow leather jacket and jeans with her hands on her knees sitting on a yellow dumpster.