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The Fence; New England Regional Exhibition, Kristen Emack  I have continued to feel dazed and amazed since learning that 5 images from my body of work, Appaloosa, was selected for The Fence. I do not typically share my personal work on my client site, but am so excited I really wanted to share this here. Head down to the see the national winners exhibition this month at Rose Greenway Park, near the North End. It is outside, and free. What a great way to see art! My work will go up in the fall at SOWA. CLICK the tiny link below and it will take you to the page. 

There is a People's Choice icon at the bottom of the page. If you like the work, give me a vote :).

Thanks for sharing in my news,


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Head shots for Sam Gebru, canidate running for Cambridge City Council    Samuel Gebru is running for Cambridge City council. I was honored to be asked to take his campaign head shots.


(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Cambridge City Council Sam Gebru Mon, 13 Feb 2017 00:06:58 GMT
Headshots for the dynamic women of Viewcrest Advisors  Head shots for the amazing women who run Viewcrest Advisors.

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Katie & Mike's Wedding at Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

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The Barn at Gibbet Hill Wedding / Allison & Drew September 2015                                                             Let my love open the door
                                                            Let my love open the door
                                                            Let my love open the door
                                                            To your heart

                                                                      - Pete Townshend

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Barn Gibbet Hill Wedding Weddings photographer weddings Sun, 11 Oct 2015 19:46:24 GMT
Family Photos on the Beach                                      Short Love Poem to Summer:


African American family of 7 standing barefoot on the beach wearing white and blue clothing An African American mother standing n the water with children at the beach. Everyone is wearing blue. Proud African American father stands on the beach with his son and daughter. African American mother and three daughters standing on the beach at dusk. Father and son walking barefoot on the beach. Family of six jumping on the beach.


(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) ( ) Beach Family Portraits Revere Tue, 11 Aug 2015 14:56:48 GMT
Moore Street Community Garden, Cambridge, MA.                                   "To love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides."
                                                            -  David Viscott  

8 year old blonde haired girl peeks out between her parent's bodies next to yellow flowers Comical portrait of husband and wife holding iphone to face with a picture on them of each other's smile.

Mother father and daughter lay on the ground on top of  chalk drawings of angel wings. Mother and daughter holding hand and looking at each other. father and mother stand in garden with 8 year old, blond haired daughter.

green eyed girl in a brightly colored scarf stands in front or orange day lillies Family of 3 stand in holly berry bushes next to a large tree holding hands

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Portrait Photography in Medford, MA                                 " I sustain myself with the love of family "

                                                    – Maya Angelou

close up of brown eyed, newborn girl's face while she looks over her dad's shoulder Black and white portrait of mother and father in their living room looking at their newborn daughter

Mother holding infant daughter in front of a bush with big pink flowers girl infant on white fluffy blanket holding her mother's finger. Black and white.

New parents hold their newborn underneath trees and in front of fence Baby in diaper and headband being held between parents legs

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Red Line Fight Sports, Cambridge, MA  Jake Kasperowski

Red Line Fight Sports Youth Martial Arts Program

Cambridge, Ma

Central Square

Spring/Summer 2015

Red Line Fight Sports youth program instructor, Jacobo Kasperowski stands in front of mats with arms crossed

Young female student listens to her Red line Fight Sports instructor give her instructions on the mat

fight sports instructor teaches class a new move by demonstrating a hold on a male student

Fight Sports instructor pins teen age student to the mat

USA Boxing Sign in front of a fighting cage where a man teaches a student a move instructor with man bun squats down to teach teen boy wearing boxing gloves a fight move Martial arts teacher instructing a young girl in boxing gloves and a teen boy in boxing gloves how to throw a punch

Martial Arts instructor teaching 8 year old girl a lounge Marital arts instructor teaching a teenage boy on the mat

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Arts Martial Tue, 07 Jul 2015 14:05:08 GMT
Small wedding on the Charles River                                                                          On the banks of the Charles River
                                      in front of their daughters, their family and some geese
                                                     Two hearts, two lives were joined.

                                                                       Kaela & Al heart emoticon

                                                                        May 2015

A man and a woman getting married by the Charles River Newly married couple embraces in front of family sitting down in chairs under pine trees Bride's face peeks between the space between her stepdaughter's orange dress Bride holds hand up over her husband's head with the Charles river in the background Bride and groom sitting on big rock looking at each other lovingly with Canadian geese in background Father of the bride stands in front of birch tree with his arm around his daughter Bride and her maid of honor stand next to each other behind a big fish tank as fish swim by Husband leaning in to kiss wife stand behind glass doors with tree reflections

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Charles River Sun, 05 Jul 2015 00:45:00 GMT
Somerville Landscapes                                                                       Somerville Landscapes

                                                                                     June 2015

                                                                                "....And then one day
                                                     A magic day he passed my way
                                      And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
                                                            This he said to me
                                                           “The greatest thing
                                                              You’ll ever learn
                                                                Is just to love
                                                                 And be loved
                                                                   In return” - David Bowie


Mother with pink hair holds her 8 year old boy near a white wall next to green ivy

blonde boy with blue eyes peeks out from behind green ivy leaves


Mother with pink hair sits in a field of daisies next to her blonde haired son Mother and son stand against an orange wall at sunset near street signs and deep tree shadows Close up of mother with dyed pink hair and white shirt sitting in daisy field while her son rests his chin on her shoulder Shadow of mother and young son with arms raised against a green and light yellow wall


(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Somerville Thu, 02 Jul 2015 23:55:38 GMT
Revere Beach in June                                                                    

                                                                     Every Summertime has it's own story.  

                                                    This lovely family's has just begun.



            Revere Beach
                                                                      June 2015

Revere Beach, Family Portrait, Revere, Family photographer, view of Boston, Serbian Family, maps, balls, beach ballsFamily portrait on Revere Beach. Mother kissing son and little girl has foot on a ball. Revere Beach, Giraff T-shirt, family portraits, Revere beach front property, Family portrait photography, Boston family photographertwo young boys on the beach with an apartment building in back and parents looking at them from a distance. Family portraits on the beach, Revere Beach, Siberian family, ocean, Boston family photographer, Revere family portrait photographerMother and Father sitting on beach with their three children on their laps Beach, Revere Beach, Kelly's Roast Beef, Blonde hair, missing teeth, boston family photographeryoung girl on beach with long blonde hair, laughing. Close up of woman's face with her children reflected in her sunglasses 3 children blowing bubbles at the beach with a big blue sky behind them Family of 5 walk hand and hand along Revere Beach at low tide. Clam shells all over the beach. Father hold's son up above his head while his daughter dances in the background

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Beach Revere Thu, 02 Jul 2015 16:27:53 GMT
Mother and Son in Central Square, May 2015  

                                                         " So this is what I've got to say to you all,
                                          Be true to yourself and you will never fail"
                                                        - Beastie Boys


The bridge, Central Square, Cambridge, Graffiti, You Are Enough, family portraits, tattoos, mother and son, Portraits of childrenYou Are EnoughMother and son stand by graffiti that reads "You are Enough" in Central Square, Cambridge Grafitti, Mother and Son, Central Square, The Bridge in Central Square, fish, painted fish, family portraits, portrait photographer in Cambridge, FamilyMother and Son stand in front of large green and blue painted fish mural Silly, green bracelet, Central Square, orange wall, children's portraits, Cambridge child photographerBoy holding mom's green bracelet in front of his blue eye Black and white portraits, Central Square , Clover, Clover in Central Square, Cambridge Family photographerMother and son behind a glass window with small lights in the background. Central Square Cambridge, Trees, Tree shadows, Rose tattoos, urban portraits, mother and son, Cambridge family photographer, family portraitsBeautiful mother and her young son stand next to tree shadows holding hands Orange, Black, Middle East, TT the Bears, Mother and Son, Family portraits, Portrait photography in Cambridge, rose tattoos, green nail polish, blonde boy, familyMother stands in front of orange and black wall holding her son's face in her hands

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Sat, 30 May 2015 16:34:23 GMT
Autumn colors at Fresh Pond Autumn flowers embroidered the edge of the woods and surrounded this wonderful family with colors only October can provide.

Fresh Pond 
Cambridge Family Portrait Session 

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Mon, 03 Nov 2014 02:00:00 GMT
Fresh Pond in October                      HAPPY
"It might seem crazy what I'm about to say
Sunshine she's here, you can take a break
I'm a hot air balloon that could go to space
With the air, like I don't care baby by the way...Cause I'm Happy....!"

Fresh Pond in October

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Sat, 01 Nov 2014 00:15:00 GMT
Autumn in Cambridge My wonderful childhood next door neighbors taught me the saying, "the family that prays together stays together," but somehow I remembered it instead as " the family that PLAYS together, stays together." Maybe because to me laughter is the result of play, and lifts our spirits and opens our hearts in essentially the same way.


Angie & Chuck and their little guys



(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Wed, 29 Oct 2014 00:00:08 GMT
Robbins Farm, Arlington, Ma. Speech Therapist's office nestled beside Robbins Farm


Ellen has recently retired from  her 25 years as a Speech Therapist for the Cambridge Public Schools and is going into private practice. It was important that her new web site reflect her energy, creative soul and warm heart that emanates into the spaces where she meets with children and families. Running along side Arlington's Robbins Farm her in - home office will be a sanctuary for any child she helps support as they learn to master their communication challenges.

Stone walls, Arlington Portrait session, Robbins farm in Arlington, Speech Therapists in Boston, Speech therapists in Arlington, Ma., Black dogscolor, holding dogwoman holding small black dog in her lap while sitting on stone wall Speech Therapist in Boston, Robbins farm in Arlington, Ma., birds nests, eggs as symbols of growth, Mexican silver bracelets, healersbirds nest in handHands holding a small ceramic egg in a birds nest. Silver mexican bracelets are on her arms. Arlington Speech Therapists, Robbins Farm in Arlington, Ma., Head shots in Boston, Boston photographers, Cambridge photographersclose upWoman's face underneath the green leaves of a Rhodadendron bush Robbins Farm in Arlington, Ma., Speech therapists in Boston area, women in business, head shots, photographers in CambridgeBuddha statueGarden statue of the Buddha among hosta plants and stone wall near Robbins Farm in Arlington, Ma. painting by Gwen Chasen, Speech therapist in Boston, bird nests with eggs, watercolor artist, Robbins farm in Arlington, photographers in Boston, photographers in cambridge, women in business head shotspainting of eggs by Gwen Chasenphotograph of a water color painting of bird eggs in a nest Speech therapist in Boston, Robbins farm in Arlington, Ma., tapestries, women in business head shotsSpeech therapist officeSpeech therapist sits in her in home office in Arlington Ma near Robbins Farm

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Porter Square , North Cambridge " Flowers don't worry about how they're going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful." ~Jim Carrey

July 2014

Hibiscus, Orange flowers, Flowers in Cambridge, Porter Square, photographer in cambridge, childrens photographer, Cambridgeport Schoolcolorful orange flowerSmiling girl standing with an orange flower in front of her

Porter Street in Cambridge, Porter Square, Cambridge, raindrops on leaves, Cambridge family photographergreen leafy veilyoung girl behind wet and green leaves smiling Photographer in Cambridge ma., Porter Square, Porter street in Cambridge, Photographer in BostonMirrored wallsYoung girl poses in front of building with mirrored windows Photographer in Cambridge , photographer in bostonleaveswet leaves with raindrops Porter  Square, Child photographer, Cambridge portrait photographer, Porter Street in Cambridgeb & W with cute grin10 year old girl posing near orange flowers and wet leaves

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Sun, 27 Jul 2014 20:36:33 GMT
Hancock Park Portrait Session Hancock Park in Cambridge, Ma.

Cambridge has beautiful playgrounds and if you haven't been to Hancock Park yet you are likely to find it becomes one of your favorites. These lovely sisters have practically grown up in this Cambridge playground. The slides, swings, sprinklers and sandbox seemed like theirs alone as they have been coming here since they were crawling. When I arrived they both informed me that they were fairies that morning, in charge of the sun and the moon. While mom and dad relaxed with a coffee at one of the tables, these sweet fairies lead me around the playground with hearts open and imaginations soaring. It was the loveliest of sessions.

Hancock Park, children's photographer in Cambridge, playground, slide, playgrounds in cambridgetwo girls in slidesisters sitting in opening of blue playground slide. Hancock park in Cambridge, sisters in matching dresses, children's portrait photographerTree covered with ivyTwo sisters in matching dresses standing in front of a tree covered with green ivy Children's portraits in Cambridge, Hancock Park, playgrounds in Cambridge, Ma., trees in cambridge 2nd graders in cambridgeeyes closedgirl resting her head against a tree with eyes closed Hancock park, braids, Cambridge children's photographer, playgrounds in Cambridge MA.Amelia close upLittle girl with missing teeth Climbing trees, Hancock Park on Hancock Street in Cambridge, sisters in matching outfits, children's photographer in Bostonsisters in a tree smilingsisters sitting in a tree in matching dresses smiling Hancock Park in Cambridge, Playgrounds in Cambridge, Children's photographer in the greater Boston areaEva at 7opened eyed girl with face against tree trunk smiling

(Kristen Joy Emack Photography) Sat, 26 Jul 2014 12:15:00 GMT