Kristen Joy Emack Photography | About

I’m always watching for the hint of a story to emerge before capturing the perfect shot. I work intuitively and I am able to produce beauty in a truly unique way.

Having been a photographer for over 20 years, my work has been showcased in galleries around the New England area, and I have won awards large and small.  I was once presented with an Honorable Mention in the Smithsonian Magazine and recently had personal work printed in PDN. Additionally, I was awarded a Women in Photography Grant to study at the Maine Media Workshops and voted best photographer in Cambridge, in 2014, by Scout Magazine. But what really matters is that I love connection, and people and stories. My camera allows me to capture your story visually in the most beautiful, natural and emotional way I can. I use my lens to show you a perspective of yourself, your family and your children that you may feel in your heart, but have not yet seen.

If you find yourself enjoying my portraits, revisiting a certain photograph, or even wondering how your family would look framed by my lens, chances are I am the photographer for you.


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