The session fee covers our time together in your home, or on location, as well as the important process of culling and editing images in the digital darkroom well after our session has ended. Prints, enlargements, books and other products are purchased separately.


Basic Portrait Session Fee: $300

 This is for Families, children, individuals and maternity and newborn sessions.While maternity images can be taken comfortably on location or at home, Newborn Sessions are best done within the home. This way Mom can nurse, diapers can be comfortably changed and parents can relax.You can expect to view your final 25-30, professionally  edited images in about 14 days in my online client gallery. Client galleries are private and can only be entered with your own personal client ID, which you can choose to share with friends and family. Images are purchased separately and al-la-carte directly from your gallery. If you want to also be able to download your images to your hard drive, you can opt to also purchase the Digital Download Add On Option listed below.


* There is an additional fee of $25 per person, for extended family sessions when there are more than 5 people.



Environmental Portrait Session Fee: $300

 I can also be hired for on location head shots which come in handy for social networking and dating sites, as well as business websites. This session is well suited for a person who wants digital files to infuse their web site/ blog/dating site or networking site with images that communicate their individual energy and creativity. We will spend 45 minutes together and the session  yields 10-12 final, edited digital files in your client gallery, ready to upload where you need them.


Digital Downloads Add On: $150

 If you invested in a Basic Portrait Session but would like the shared rights to download your digital negatives to your own computer, you can purchase them with this add on fee. 



I embrace other event coverage on a case by case basis. Get in touch and we can discuss. Stay tuned for my 2016 WEDDING Package!


* Please note that clients receive only the final, edited images.You can count on me to work hard to infuse your gallery with the very best images, reflecting my individual and artistic interpretation of our time together.





What to Expect


  Sometimes a big smile is just right for the mood of a photo, but often a beautiful portrait is made when it reflects an unprompted expression. I encourage people to be themselves and you can count on me to do what I can to help everyone feel at ease. When necessary you can expect me to direct you with a gentle "hold that", "look up" or even " close your eyes" in order to complete the shot. While I sometimes set up a pose I wait for the candid moment within the pose before clicking the shutter. More often, however, the unscripted stance or faraway gaze is most memorable.  I encourage parents to refrain from directing your child's expression or poses. Children might then look at the adult speaking to them instead of into the lens, resulting in images where they are looking off to the side instead of at me. I am intuitive with children and I will engage them in a way which will help them feel comfortable.



 Solid colors translate well in a portrait and in a family photo it can boost the continuity of an image to have family members wear coordinating colors. Not exactly matching- but sharing a color or two in your wardrobes. Additionally, textures work to add depth to an image. Some families bring extra hats, sweaters , headbands, hair ties or scarves for quick and easy clothing changes, and this option is entirely up to you. Dress comfortably so you feel relaxed. I want you to feel like you!



  A cloudy day, misty afternoon, even a little snow is not cause for me to postpone a session. Heavy rain could be. While the first examples of weather can  add serendipity and drama to a portrait heavy rain equals drenched clothing and hair and can ruin equipment. In the event of rain or  heavy snow expect me to get in touch to discuss.


What to Bring


Tissues for runny noses

Snacks for hungry children

Hats/scarves/headbands or other super quick wardrobe changes

A special toy for child to hold onto ( relaxes child and adds an emotional element to portrait )

Payment in cash, check or money order